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You came here with something to do. You are part of a universal consciousness, and there are no accidents in it. In your true essence - not the false self, not the ego part of you, but in the true essence of who you are - you are infinite and you have something very profound to accomplish while you are here. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

One-on-one transformational coaching sessions are designed to provide you with ongoing guidance and support to live an empowered and soul-guided life in your journey of awakening and expansion. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Master, all coaching packages combine traditional life coaching with an added vibrational component - trance and visualization work, quantum healing techniques as well as mindfulness practices from Eastern and Western spiritual teachings are incorporated to help you awaken to your true essence and tap into the role of a Conscious Creator.

If you are in NYC and are looking for Reiki in addition to many practical tools you can apply daily to manifest your dreams, the Reiki Certification Training is the best way to go. Anyone can learn Reiki and you do not need prior experience or knowledge. Next Training is held on 02/18/17 & 02/19/17. Learn more.  



Spiritual Life Coaching Packages - Skype/Phone Only

We all all born Creators, but along the way in this game called life, we have chosen to take on false beliefs that limit us from living a life of inspiration and freedom. What if this setup is meant to guide you to take the journey inward so you can remember your true powerful essence and unlock the keys to infinite power and creativity? My coaching sessions are centered around your consciousness so you can transcend everything that is holding you back, master the tools of deliberate creation and call forth a life of wellness, joy, purpose and freedom.

Reiki I and II Certification Training - Midtown, NY

Reiki heals on all levels and allows us to live a fulfilled life. All classes cover the complete ICRT Reiki curriculum that fully prepares you to be a certified Reiki II practitioner, and offer lots of bonus materials, healing techniques and resources from my personal coaching and hypnosis sessions for you to begin healing yourself and others today. They are ideal for those who are looking for a much more economical way of self-healing as well as lightworkers who are looking to empower themselves and others, and open their own healing practices.


Shop for Reiki Charged Crystals

I cleanse and charge all pieces with Reiki energy with your customized intention infused in the piece of your choice. Crystals balance and transmute energy and are are known to be powerful chakra cleansers. crystal jewelry and decorations offer energetic protection for the wearers and homes. 

Sign Up for Free Healing

Free weekly remote healing is offered for those who cannot book an appointment. You receive remote Reiki energy sent through a crystal grid every Sunday evening. There is nothing else you need to do, just sit back and receive. In addition, check out free resources on Awakening, Healing and Crystals


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