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Healing occurs on all levels and happiness is an inside job.

In a universe where energy is the building block of everything, as a being of energy, you are born with a set of powerful creative tools that allows you to achieve health, experience love, call forth abundance and tune into higher guidance.

The key in creating a life aligned with your vision is to know how to consciously work with your creative tools that harness the life force energy within you, also known as Chi, Ki, or Prana. 

As a Reiki Master, certified hypnotist, and recovery and wellness coach with a psychology background, my Reiki and Coaching programs combine traditional coaching and trance | mindfulness techniques with energy healing, past life regression and intuitive reading. They are designed to help you master these tools and make empowered choices to heal, awaken and create. 

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Healing Programs Offered

Reiki Healing Packages - In Person

Reiki not only rejuvenates our being by cleansing our energy centers and restoring balance, but also helps us deepen awareness and manifest healthier relationships and abundance in all areas. Reiki is gentle and intuitive universal life force energy that is safe on all living organisms. All Reiki sessions are integrative and are combined with holistic mind/body tools to heal on all levels.

Coaching | Hypnosis Packages - Skype Only

We all have what it takes to to create a life of joy and freedom, but so many times we unconsciously allow our past conditioning and negative self-talk make limiting decisions for us and hold us back from what we desire. With coaching, trance work, mindfulness techniques and intuitive reading, these sessions can guide you to process disempowering energy patterns, release blockages and make quantum leaps.


Reiki Charged Crystals

Crystals work with the physical and subtle light bodies to balance and transmute energy. They are known to be excellent chakra (human energy centers) cleansers. As a Crystal Light Therapist and artist, I cleanse and charge all crystals with Reiki energy with your customized intention infused in the piece of your choice.  

Free Healing & Resources

Free weekly remote healing is offered for those who cannot book an appointment. You receive remote Reiki energy sent through a crystal grid every Sunday evening. There is nothing else you need to do, just sit back and receive. In addition, check out free resources on Awakening, Healing and Crystals


Featured Posts

If you are like me, you probably have spent a good portion of your life carrying baggage that belongs to others after having internalized their values. Without the awareness and discernment, we will forever be enslaved by those voices of "I am not good enough" or "I am never going to be healthy again." Find out if you're at the mercy of others' voices by reading:

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Is there more than meets the eye in life? Is conformity not for you? Do you always feel different and are you looking for ways to tap into a higher part of you where all answers lie? Sooner or later, we all awaken to our true nature. The journey takes us beyond the body and mind into a place that has birthed light. These 7 steps will help you navigate the unfamiliar. 

Awakening - 7 Steps to Ease the Labor Pain of Rebirth

As beings of energy, in order to fully take charge of our lives and fill them with health and joy, it is not only important for us to take care of the physical body, but also our energy bodies by becoming aware of when our energy is being drained, when our vibration is low and how to replenish it. This article outlines 10 simple ways for us to nourish our energy and raise our vibration:

10 Ways to Raise Our Vibration