Experience Transformation with Reiki, Coaching and Hypnosis

In the Heart of New York


Your happiness and well-being is an inside job. 

As a Reiki Master, certified hypnotist, and recovery and wellness coach who works with energy healing and empowerment on all levels, I am here to help you live the life of your choosing and create the magic you seek by getting your body, mind and soul to align with your vision. 

Read about my philosophy in healing and life, and how Reiki, hypnosis and coaching transformed my life here.


Reiki Healing Packages - In Person

Reiki not only rejuvenates our being by cleansing our energy centers and restoring balance, but also helps us deepen awareness and manifest healthier relationships and abundance in all areas. Reiki is gentle and intuitive universal life force energy that is safe on all living organisms. To learn more, please read Can Reiki Help Me If I Am Not Sick?

Coaching|Hypnosis Packages - In Person or Skype

Coaching and hypnosis are holistic mind/body modalities that can replace disempowering beliefs with empowering ones, transform relationships, career, physical and emotional health, promote personal growth and self-awareness, and allow access to higher wisdom for creative solutions and insights. To learn more, please read The Amazing Power of Hypnosis.


Reiki Charged Crystals

Crystals work with the physical and subtle light bodies to balance and transmute energy. They are known to be excellent chakra (human energy centers) cleansers. As a Crystal Light Therapist and artist, I cleanse and charge all crystals with Reiki energy with your customized intention infused in the piece of your choice.  

Free Healing & Resources

Free weekly remote healing is offered for those who cannot book an appointment. You receive remote Reiki energy sent through a crystal grid every Sunday evening. There is nothing else you need to do, just sit back and receive. Please refer here for simple details. In addition, check out free resources on practical healing tips on energy, crystals and awakening