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It is time to awaken to Who You Are and follow your highest joy

Healing occurs on all levels and happiness is an inside job. In a universe of frequency and vibration where energy is the building block of everything, you are born with a set of powerful tools to achieve health, experience love, call forth abundance and tune into higher guidance.

The key in living a life of freedom and joy is to know how to work with these tools by aligning your consciousness and vibration with the universal energy of creation.  

As a Spiritual | Vibrational Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotist, my Coaching and Reiki programs combine traditional life coaching with an added vibrational component - trance and visualization techniques, intuitive energy healing as well as shadow work are incorporated to help you re-align your vibration and tap into your true powerful nature to Heal, Awaken and Create. 

A more economical option of healing is to become a Reiki II Practitioner. Next Training is held on 01/14/17 & 01/15/17. Learn more.  


Healing Programs

Spiritual | Vibrational Life Coaching Packages - Skype Only

We all have what it takes to to create a life of joy and freedom, but so often we unconsciously allow our past conditioning and negative self-talk to make limiting decisions for us and hold us back from what we desire. My customized coaching sessions can guide you to process disempowering energy patterns and release blockages so you may tap into your power of conscious creation and make quantum leaps.

3-Week Integrative Reiki Series - In Person

Reiki not only rejuvenates our being by cleansing our energy centers and restoring balance, but also helps us deepen awareness and manifest love, abundance and purpose so we may live an empowered life. Reiki is gentle and intuitive Universal Life Force Energy that determines the quality of our lives. Combined with tools that heal on the conscious level, this Reiki series is designed to heal on all levels and leave you with customized resources to expedite healing.



Shop for Reiki Charged Crystals

I cleanse and charge all crystals pieces with Reiki energy with your customized intention infused in the piece of your choice. Crystals balance and transmute energy and are are known to be powerful chakra cleansers. Crystal jewelry and decorations offer energetic protection for the wearers and homes. 

Sign Up for Free Healing

Free weekly remote healing is offered for those who cannot book an appointment. You receive remote Reiki energy sent through a crystal grid every Sunday evening. There is nothing else you need to do, just sit back and receive. In addition, check out free resources on Awakening, Healing and Crystals


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Whether you follow politics or not, this election has to do with all of us. Every leader who has ever risen, from the very best to the very worst, is the product of our own consciousness. Each of them has embodied either the light or dark found within ourselves as we give birth to the very traits they carry while we are making moment-to-moment decisions in life.  Do we have the power to shift the collective destiny? Absolutely.