There Is So Much More to You and Your Life

You are feeling the life as you know it isn’t working out for you which is resulting in stress and anxiety, unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying career, feelings of stagnation and fear, and most importantly, a yearning to know that there has to be more than meets the eye.

These are usually the signs of your True Self nudging you to expand your consciousness and awaken to your true essence. You are far more than a victim of your birth conditions, past relationships and life circumstances. You are a unique expression of Source Energy, a Creator of Universal Consciousness born with a set of most powerful tools to follow your dreams.

Who I Am and What I Do

I am Juliet, and I spent the first 3 decades of my life being in the same shoes.

As a seeker from a young age knowing there is much more than meets the eye, I began exploring beyond the physical realm at age 5 and my studies led me to different spiritual teachings. I also suffered from quite a few mystery illnesses, and always looked outside of myself for answers until my awakening occurred. This amazing and at times overwhelming journey had taken me to the darkness of Ego Death and back with the necessary tools and experience to help you heal, awaken and create.

I work with a combination of powerful and effective tools that help others bridge dreams and reality. You are a holistic 3-part being made of Body, Mind and Soul (or True Self/Higher Self, the unseen part of you that is an extension of Universal Consciousness). Until those 3 parts are united under the same purpose, life will continue to reflect back to you the internal conflicts.

My training in psychology as well as recovery and wellness coaching allows me to work with your conscious and unconscious mind while my experience and knowledge in human chakra system, trance work and energy healing can provide opportunities for you to initiate breakthroughs on a quantum level.  

My Wake Up Call

Using the same tools, I was able to overcome a lifetime of health issues, 14 years of insomnia and Ambien addiction, depression and PTSD from a long abusive relationship in addition to finally having found the courage to leave behind an unsatisfying career, toxic relationships and a ton of fears so I could create the life I wanted from a clear space. It took me decades wandering at rock bottom to know that I could either live the rest of my life blaming everything on fate, or make the effort to change myself and transform my life.

The second I decided, the universe rewarded me with a team of wonderful teachers, coaches and healers to light the path. I would not be here without their guidance and teachings.

Today, I am here to light the path for you.

Where Would You Like to Go?

The only thing you need to create anything you desire is to make a firm decision that it is your time to call forth a life aligned with your vision.

I know how easy it can be to stay with the familiar old and broken, and how much courage it takes to commit to transform your life be it healing your relationship with yourself or finding the light at the end of the “dark night of the soul” tunnel. I can only tell you that once I made the decision to transform, the universe went out of its way to bring me the help I needed, and I’ve seen it happening to others again and again.

You are not alone. The universe has your back. Your wish is its command.

Once I shifted internally, my external world completely shifted as a result of that.

Fun Facts About Me

I love writing, and wrote and illustrated my first story at age 5. I began taking painting lessons at that age as well and went from colored pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, water color to my true love - oil. Some of my paintings are displayed on this page.

I spent my entire childhood daydreaming and have not lost that ability, except these days I call it communion with Source.

I love fantasy books, believe in magic and I will always be a fan of Harry Potter. Farewell, Professor Snape.

I cannot get enough of nature, light houses, paddle boarding, crystals, great books, Phantom of the Opera, classical ballets (Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake and La Bayadère), Harmless Coconut Water and Kombucha, traveling and taking photos (all photos on this website are taken by me during my travels), tennis, writing, hiking and paddle boarding.

Back to You

Your life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. If you are ready to tap into your ultimate conscious creator role to create a life of wellness, love, purpose and freedom, I would be honored to travel with you and co-create the journey.