Working with Juliet was the soul transformation I needed all my life.
— Jordan, LA

If You Had No Limitations In Life, Who Would You Be and What Would You Create?

It is no coincidence that you are here. Perhaps you have read one of my articles or someone referred you. Know that however you got here, it was divinely timed and orchestrated by the Universe. You are probably searching for the answers for some of these questions,

"How do I consciously create the life I desire?"

"How can I maintain a sense of well-being, joy and inner-peace?

What do I do to break free from fears and limitations so I can live my dream?

"What is my purpose in life and connection with Source?

If that sounds like you, you are in the right place! What if I told you the Universe wants you to Be, Do and Have anything you can imagine, but the only condition is you need to shift/transform your internal guidance system so life can bring you what you are seeking?

When we transform, we are actually awakening to our True Self who knows no limitations, and as a byproduct of that process, we are tapping into our power as a Deliberate Creator who can call forth our dreams.

Transformation is unique for everyone, but there are concrete, practical and powerful tools accompanied with just the right guidance and support that can help us shed limitations and embody our true power.

I have detailed some of the steps of transformation/expansion in several articles. There is no one formula for all; however, it more or less contains these stages:

Stages of Consciousness Expansion

1. Victimhood

Pain and failures (illness, divorce, death, lack of abundance or purpose, etc) in life make us evaluate why things aren't working out for us. We look for answers outside of ourselves and gurus to hand us quick fixes. We feel powerless and believe life is unfair.

2. Journey Inward

When external conditions refuse to shift, we are forced to look inward and examine our own beliefs. At some point, we realize we have been making the unconscious choice of giving away our power by not taking responsibility for the quality of our experiences.

3. Ego Death/Shadow Work

We decide it is us who need to change by taking our power back from life. Things seem to get worse and all past limiting beliefs accompanied with intense fears and emotions surface. We go through an identity death and enter the process of rebirth of an awakened Ego.


4. Integration

Slowly, we start to understand the bigger purpose behind each person and experience. Integration begins and we no longer look to bypass doing the necessary work to get to where we want to be because we understand our life is always a reflection of our inner state.

Coaching Package:

Integration & Movement

5. Rebirth

We begin to see our infinite worth, embrace presence and understand life can only grant us what we believe we are capable and worthy of achieving. Though integration continues, we experience more inner-peace, lightness, gratitude, and instant and deliberate manifestation.

Coaching Package:

Integration & Movement

Conscious Creation & Expansion

6. Conscious Creator

We begin living life through the higher self (or True Self) with inspiration and intuition. We see the Oneness in all and use our consciousness to create any experience we wish to have. Our lives are marked with conscious choices, joy, abundance, love and freedom.

Coaching Package:

Conscious Creation & Expansion

I don’t know what to call Juliet, a life coach, a teacher, or a spiritual guide. All I know is I am so grateful for whatever inspired me to decide working with her. Don’t think twice about it, you owe it to yourself to remember your true power and the miracles you are here to experience. It is the best investment I have made in my life.
— Jessica, NY

Working with a coach is a tremendous investment in yourself and a powerful experience.

No matter where we are on the path of expansion, we always have our own blind spots and the need for more guidance. My coaching specializes in allowing you to tap into the power of your True Self combined with practical action steps and customized resources for you to create the life you desire because I know deeply from personal experience information without action or the right guidance and tools is not helpful to anyone. Read more to find out why working with a coach can help you get you the results you have been yearning for.

Nothing changes until you do. This is the agreement we all made with Source. Everything outside of you is a projection of what is inside of you, and that gives you an enormous amount of power over your life.

Clients in stages 4-6 respond best to Consciousness Empowerment Coaching because this is when we begin taking full responsibility over our choices rather than blaming external conditions for our "misfortunes."

I had my awakening during a plant medicine ceremony that made me change my entire perspective on life. Afterwards, I struggled with bringing everything I experienced into “real life.” Juliet is a gem and is able to help me navigate the process. I have experienced nothing short of miracles from the year we have worked together.
— Leo, FL

If you are tired of playing small, and are looking for a structured and powerful program from someone who has walked the walk, cuts through all the fluff, and focuses on guiding and pushing you to the next level of your expansion so you can experience unlimited inspiration, joy and freedom, work with me.

Scroll down for full coaching packages. Details about coaching sessions and the process can be found here.

Not ready to commit yet? Try the 90-minute Single Coaching Session and some feel one session is enough for them to go where they want to go. Or check out my Mini Coaching Packages for shorter coaching time.

Coaching Packages - Skype/Phone Only

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"Integration & Movement" Package

If you are preparing for ayahuasca, or have had an awakening experience as a result of ayahuasca, Kundalini, or a life changing event, the joy and lightness you suddenly feel is usually accompanied by a feeling that the old world is crumbling to the ground. This coaching package creates the space for you to process and integrate all experiences, lessons and emotions that may come up so you can approach life with more clarity and focus, redefine your goals and consciously apply tools that work for you for the next stage of your journey.

"Conscious Creation/Expansion" Package

This package is ideal for you if you have been on the path of expansion for a while, and are looking to fully embrace the power of your True Self and transform every area of your life. You are ready to deepen your awareness and intuition, and live from pure inspiration with unlimited freedom, creativity and presence. You also want to take your ability and responsibility of a Conscious Creator to the next level, and co-create a powerful journey so you can Be, Do and Create anything you can dream of.

If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future. - Eckhart Tolle