How can I have what I want (health, love, joy, abundance, purpose, etc)?

This is a question that often comes up in phone consultations. In short, it takes internal change. If an area in our lives is not working out at the moment, it means we are aligning our thoughts, words and behaviors with a core concept, or belief system that is no longer serving who we are and what we want. The physical, emotional and mental uneasiness is a messenger that is sent to us bearing the message, "Your guidance system is not working. Please change."

We live in a vibrational universe and we are electromagnetic beings. The energy behind our disempowering beliefs of low self-worth, limitations and lack is what continues to "create" the unfavorable conditions in our lives. When we decide to change our beliefs, we are essentially changing our energy that retrieves different outcomes from the universe. To sum up, the external shifts only when the internal changes.

What does it take to change?

There is no magic pill, fairy godmother, Gandalf the Grey or Albus Dumbledore to turn our lives around overnight, that would mean that something outside of ourselves has the power over us and that is not a happy thought!

It takes dedication and commitment to change. But most importantly, it requires us to take 100% responsibility for the quality of our past, present and future experiences. For as long as we are attributing the unfavorable conditions in our lives to our birth conditions, luck, other people, competition, our physical condition and socioeconomic status, etc, we are essentially saying to ourselves there are people and "things" out there that have greater power over our lives than we do, and a victim can hardly be a conscious creator at the same time. Given our lives reflect our core belief system, we will continue to experience victimhood and unsatisfying life conditions for as long as we identify with the powerless role.

Change rarely occurs overnight. It is a commitment and continuous process that requires our conscious participation 24/7 for as long as needed until we completely embody the True Self.


What is your personal experience with shifts and what has worked for you best?

I am a firm believer that everyone's path of empowerment is unique and there is no one method that works for all. I was born with a few intuitive knowings and was always a seeker, but I never believed what I knew. As a result, I spent over a decade exploring different modalities from self-help books, psychotherapy, Reiki, crystal healing to hypnosis and spiritual life coaching. Life coaching has worked best for me because it has helped me build the cognitive components I need to initiate and sustain change. I am also an avid reader and daily meditator, and have spent a great deal of energy (time, money and efforts) investing in myself because the return of investment is always greater. Lastly, what has worked well in my journey is actively applying all the knowledge, resources and action steps that are aligned with my goals on a daily basis.

The work I do with my clients is the same work I have done with myself every single day. Nothing changes until we do, and that is the most empowering thing.