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Your Life Is Your Creation

Welcome, Soul Traveler! I am Juliet and I am a consciousness empowerment coach, mentor and writer. My message is simple: we are Universal Consciousness with infinite possibilities who have forgotten the simple art of deliberate creation using the tools we are already born with.

I specialize in creating the space for you to take your passion for life to the next level, remember your true essence, and work with simple and practical methods of conscious manifestation to bridge dreams and reality.

Conscious Empowerment Coaching is most suitable for motivated, accountable and inspired individuals who are looking to tune into their internal guidance system and align with their higher purpose - that can be stepping into your full power and expanding your consciousness, or creating an awakening project to make an impact in the world.


What Do You Need Help With?

I am ready to shed all the limitations that are standing between me and my dream. It's time for me to quit playing small.

I want to try a single coaching session to see if coaching is a good fit for me, or a single intuitive coaching session.

I am in NYC and I am interested in trying Reiki healing, or take a Reiki Certification Class so I can heal myself and help others heal.

I am not ready to commit yet but I just want to pick up some free tips on awakening and healing, and get to know your style more.

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Teachings of Ayahuasca - Creation, Death, Rebirth and 15 Essential Life Lessons

As much as I dedicated a large portion of my life studying and working with awakening and conscious creation, as well as spending months preparing myself for this journey, nothing I knew could have fully prepared me for this powerful and life-changing experience with Ayahuasca - my beloved spiritual teacher who is all about tough love.

What Death in Ayahuasca Teaches About Life – 7 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling and Joyous Life

Many of us are afraid to die, and afraid to live. What if we learned that all states of being are projections of our own consciousness, and we have the ultimate power to tune into any reality we desire? What are we doing dwelling in jobs, relationships and places we are not passionate about when we have the ability to call forth any dream?


I Woke Up, Now What? Post Awakening Thrive Guide - 9 Steps to Embrace the Path of Light

When we awaken to the knowing that we are all extensions of Source Energy, most of us undergo a process of deconstructing the old paradigm and reconstructing a world without limitations. These are some common steps that many of us go through as we awaken to our true essence.

How to Answer Your Calling - 3 Ways to Remember Why Your Soul Chose This Life

We all have a unique place in this universe. What is your calling? What makes you come alive and what makes your heart sing? If you have wondered whether there is a way to remember and carry out your divine mission, this article will help you manifest your soul purpose.

Awakening Posts Published on Wake Up World

What It Is Costing You to Not Speak Your Truths in Life, and How to Do It

Have you ever felt there is a ball of words stuck in your throat that you have to swallow hard to keep it down? What about those times when you are dying to say "no" but "yes" comes out? Read on to find out why not speaking up is detrimental to your life and health, and how to do it.

Money and Spirituality - 5 Common Abundance Blocks & How to Transform Them

Most of us desire abundance in life (abundance applies to everything and not just money), however, our programmed beliefs are often standing between us and what we desire. This article explores the common abundance blocks many have and how to transform them.

The Art of Allowing - Give Yourself Permission to Love You

Read to remember your infinite worth. “You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success – none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be there.” - Ram Dass


7 Ways to Access Inner Peace Now - What Life In New York Has Taught Me

No matter what the external condition is like, it is always possible for all of us to access that part of us that is nothing but stillness. 

Post US 2016 Election - An Urgent Call For Healing the Individual & the Collective

Whether you follow politics or not, this election has to do with all of us. Do we have the power to shift the collective destiny? Absolutely.

If Your Boss Is Dolores Umbridge - 4 Awakening Tools For the Work Place

What do you do when others do not give you the respect you deserve? Find out how the "trolls" and "haters" in life are teaching us to awaken to our true powerful selves.


Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

Are other people's opinions about you ruling your life? If your head is constantly bombarded with negative self-talk, you are not alone. Find out what you can do to come back to your center and your own voice.

Overcoming the "I Am Not Good Enough" Voice

How can we overcome negative self-hypnosis of "I'm not good enough" or "I'm doomed to fail?" This article offers some fun and easy-to-do insights on how to overcome limiting beliefs once and for all.

Awakening - 7 Steps to Ease the Labor Pain of Rebirth

We are all on a path of home coming. The journey of awakening takes us beyond the body and mind back to a place that has birthed the light. These 7 steps will help you navigate the unfamiliar. 


10 Ways to Raise Our Vibration

Our vibration determines what we create in all areas in our lives including our health, finances and relationships. As vibrational beings, it is important for us to take care of our energy.

Reclaiming My Power From Big Pharma - A Journey of Healing Depression, PTSD, Ambien Addiction and Beyond

If doctors' visits and prescription medications are making you sicker, it is time for you to take your power back from the medical industry and heal yourself.

How to Live from the Divine Ordinary

As spiritual beings having a human experience, our seemingly ordinary lives are filled with the extraordinary. Read the article for reminders on how much of a miracle you are.