How Coaching Works

What Is Consciousness Empowerment Coaching?

Consciousness Empowerment Coaching is about creating a space for you to integrate all parts of you (body, mind and True Self), expand your consciousness and raise your vibration which is crucial in deliberate manifestation, as well as empower you to reach for your dream. You can expect me to ask you powerful questions, challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, bring out your unique resources and gifts, offer you insights and tools, and help you tune into higher guidance so you can release limitations from your past conditioning, unleash your full potential, and experience breakthroughs in all areas.

Though the coaching is about helping you shift to a higher vibration, the focus of all sessions is your life, what matters to you, where you are presently and where you want to be in the future, and how to incorporate higher guidance and mindfulness into your life. My coaching does not revolve around the extensive discussions of gurus (you are your own guru), aliens and entities (we are all manifestations of Source, aliens and entities too), spiritual theories (theories are not useful without decisions, actions and practical tools), unpacking your last psychic reading (we have 100% free will in life), or conspiracy theories (don't you want to focus your energy on creating positive things for yourself?). You can learn more about my mission and beliefs here.

Who Benefits the Most From My Coaching Programs?

I work with men and women of all ages who are healers/coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and actors, lawyers, business executives and so on. They are diverse and unique, but they all share the yearning for more alignment, fulfillment, consciousness and impact. I believe in an honest, open and rewarding coaching relationship where both of us show up 100% for each session. I only work with a limited number of clients at a time. My clients are those who take responsibility for their lives, are willing to do the work to let go of beliefs that no longer serve them, and have a strong desire to remember and embody their true power.

Length of Coaching

The Ego/Mind is resistant to change and will come up with any excuse to hold onto the old paradigm, it is something I have experienced and witnessed in others again and again. Though we can both end our coaching agreement at any time and you will receive a refund for all remaining sessions, I'd like to invite you to view this as a process and give coaching a minimum of 3 months as shifts usually occur around that time. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to work with a coach for at least 6-12 months so she/he can support you through your transformation. Think of it as premium personal training for the mind. You don't expect to go to a trainer once and end up with your ideal body, do you?


All full coaching packages are 3 months and offer 4 different levels of support to meet your needs. A "month" may not always correspond to a calendar month, but refers to one set of coaching. For details on what the different investments entail, please click on individual packages.

Justifying the investment is not hard to do. Some of the common results reported by my clients are boosted confidence, joy and peace of mind, improved relationships with self and others, more meaningful impact in the world, increased income, creativity and focus, and an overall sense of empowerment and Oneness in all areas in life. I have been on the awakening path since a very young age, have coached many on transformation and taught classes on healing and consciousness, and I still meet with my coach biweekly because I receive so much value from having a partner and guide by my side.

Want to see what coaching with me is like? Sign up for a 90-minute Single Coaching Session.

Why Skype/Phone?

All sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home which means more flexibility and less time wasted on traveling. Phone sessions are just as powerful and transformational with the added advantage of you being in a safe and familiar environment where you can focus on the sessions more. The only requirements are for you to have clear internet/phone connection, headsets or a pair of earphones of good quality (very important), and a quiet space where you will not be disturbed when we get on the call. Driving and coaching do not mix!

How Do I Get Started?

1. Please check out the Full Coaching Packages and Mini Coaching Packages, and see which one resonates with you the most.

2. Fill out the Consult Form to qualify for a complementary consultation that is approximately 20 minutes in length. If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out with a few available time slots for the complementary consultation.

3. During our phone conversation, we will determine your goals, which program is best suitable for your needs, and you may ask me any questions you have. We both decide if we want to work together - it must be a mutual agreement.

3. If it is a go, I will send you a few simple documents, a PayPal invoice and schedule a date for our first session.