" Integration and Movement" Package

A transformed experience isn't the result of just positive thought. Rather, underlying it is a shift in feeling. If we are to achieve our intended change, our feeling and thinking process require harmony. - Michael Brown

This Package is Perfect For:

  • Those who work, or are thinking about working with ayahuasca. Those who have had a profound awakening experience as a result of meditation/Kundalini, unexpected life situation, etc, and are looking to process and integrate the conscious and unconscious components and messages that are surfacing. 

Where You Are:

  • You are looking to understand and incorporate the messages (and more often than not, the overwhelming emotions that have surfaced) you have experienced during and after your experience, or you are preparing for an ayahuasca journey and are looking for customized support.
  • You want clarity and guidance in understanding where you are and where you would like to go. You may or may not have a specific goal in mind but you know the internal shift is contributing to an external shift, and you would like to create a plan of action steps that aligns with your vision.
  • You would like to fully apply and integrate all the messages you received from your awakening experience so you can tap into the power of your True Self, and deliberately create what you desire in life.
  • You are in the process of creating a new belief system that empowers rather than weakens you.
  • You are ready to do the work to create changes in your life.

All of us contain suppressed emotional imprints that are programmed into us through past personal experiences, and until we awaken to them and integrate them, we react to the same emotional wounds again and again feeling like we are going in circles. When we have an experience whether it is the result of plant medicine or Kundalini awakening, it is essential for us to fully apply the healing and messages to our moment-to-moment living so we can utilize the gifts we receive to live our dreams. You can read about my ayahuasca experience in these two articles: Teachings of Ayahuasca - Creation, Death, Rebirth & 15 Essential Life Lessons and What Death in Ayahuasca Teaches About Life - 7 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling and Joyous Life.


You will:

  • Understand and incorporate the gifts from your awakening experience and apply them to your transformation.
  • Practice how to reprogram unwanted habits, rewire old patterns, and reduce/eliminate negative thoughts/stress/anxiety with simple and effective techniques.
  • Learn simple ways to acknowledge and be present with emotions when they come up so they can be processed and integrated.
  • Experience greater presence, gratitude and inner-peace as a result of identifying and releasing disempowering stories from the past.
  • Work with powerful tools of deliberate manifestations in all areas in life.
  • Learn how to respond rather than react, hence take emotional responsibility and embrace life with full consciousness which is essential in being a deliberate creator in life.
  • Set goals and come up with action steps that align with your vision.

Package Outline: 3 months of coaching. I provide 4 levels of support for this package.

Level I: Basic - talk 2 times a month on a biweekly basis, each call is 45 minutes.

Your Investment: $499/month or $1,399

Level II: Subtle Transformation – talk 2 times a month on a biweekly basis, each call is 75 minutes.

Your Investment: $599/month or $1,699

Level III: Accelerated Transformation – talk 3 times a month, each call is 60 minutes.

Your Investment: $699/month or $1,999

Level IV: Transformation Intensive – talk 4 times a month on a weekly basis, each call is 60 minutes.

Your Investment: $799/month or $2,299

There is no "one size fits all" formula. After the initial session, all follow-up sessions are uniquely designed to match your needs and progress. Details about the sessions and what can be expected from coaching can be found here.