My Mission

I am here to guide you to remember and awaken to your True Powerful Self so you can unleash your dreams and live your divine destiny.


My Philosophy

  • We are, and everything is energy because we are all manifestations of Source Energy. 
  • There are no victims in life, only unconscious creators (those who believe they are powerless and create from a set of conditioned limiting beliefs), and conscious creators (those who have awakened to their power and have tapped into Source). 
  • We are all born Creators with the same knowing and tools to manifest anything. 
  • The reality we live in is an interactive feedback system which makes the universe a very friendly and supportive place. Every person, circumstance and event reflects back the beliefs we currently hold. A "negative" condition therefore is nothing but a messenger that alerts us we are currently believing and investing our energy in something that is not true, and we always have the power to change our beliefs.
  • Our beliefs create our reality. Experiences are our perceptions of What Is and can vary drastically depending on the set of beliefs we carry. 
  • Nothing in life has meaning. We assign meaning to every experience and the meaning we give to anything is based on our current perception. Knowing that, we all have the power to live a life of fun, inspiration and lightness!
  • We enjoy creating and expanding, you can say that is the purpose for all of us to be here in this time and space dimension. We have also made the choice to be here and agreed to forget our true essence prior to birth so through playing small in this game called life and through experiencing contrast (things we don't like), we can remember just how infinitely powerful we are and use that power to live our dreams and carry out our divine missions. 
  • Nothing and no one has the power to make us feel or experience anything in any way without our permission. 
  • Our birth conditions and our past have nothing to do with what we can create at this present moment.
  • Source is our best partner in crime and will answer to the vibration of every belief we hold.