Why won't one session accomplish much?

Healing, even physical healing for simple ailments such as headaches never occurs on one level, but on all levels. We are multidimensional beings with subtle light bodies whose thoughts, words and actions all carry extremely powerful energy that can work to either boost our physical and emotional health or weaken it. This is why chronic anxiety often results in digestive issues and depression leads to general fatigue. 

It takes more than one day for any type of ailment to manifest in a way that disrupts our lives. Chronic imbalance on any level is the result of years and decades of accumulation of misaligned and stubborn energy patterns in our energy field that block the energy flow. Like any muscle, to achieve balance in any area in life takes time to develop and strengthen (similar to fitness training).

Reiki stays in the body for 3-5 days. The body usually is not fully receptive to the powerful Reiki healing until the 3nd session, and truly opens up for Reiki energy during the 3rd and 4th sessions.

How are the sessions structured?

I offer different levels of support for Reiki. For Level II and Level III, we combine Reiki with powerful holistic tools including coaching, trance work (if you are comfortable with it), and visualization and mindfulness techniques so you have the resources and tools you need to work toward your goals in between and after sessions. By the time we work with Reiki, your body and mind are fully prepared for the healing energy. Crystals and tuning forks may be incorporated as part of vibrational medicine.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is life force energy from source energy that promotes healthy functioning in all living things. It is responsible for our health, what we create and what we attract in life. Our lives depend on this energy to survive and thrive. Despite its spiritual nature, it is not a religion and does not require any beliefs for it work.

Whenever we experience dis-ease (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in the body, it is always communication from our higher selves that something is out of alignment and there are disempowering beliefs in place that are blocking the flow of life force energy that our tissues and organs need in order to function optimally. A Reiki practitioner is a conduit who empowers you by delivering the life force energy into your body to create a shift in your energy blueprint so you are better equipped to release old patterns and make healthier decisions in life. 

Do I have to feel anything for Reiki to work?

We identify so much with our senses that naturally we contribute whatever we cannot see or feel as “not there.” Yet the Reiki experience is unique and different to each individual, and absolutely does not require to be “felt” for it to be effective. Reiki often bypasses consciousness and goes straight to where it is needed. The only common "side effect" is deep relaxation and inner peace. Trust that just as a bud knows when to sprout in the spring, Reiki has its own intelligence and goes to where you need it.