I am so glad I found Juliet. I could not thank her enough for helping me understand my awakening and how to grow from it rather than getting buried in the limiting beliefs and intense emotions I experienced. With her ongoing support and guidance, I am finally trusting myself, the process and the path I am on. It has been an incredible journey.
— Micaela, AZ

Why Do You Need a Coach?

We live in a world with an abundance of information on just about every topic we can think of. So with all the group classes and seminars, self-help books, PDF downloads and articles out there, why do you need a life coach?


If you have not been getting the results you are looking for from the articles and books, the webinars and the yoga retreats, it simply means you need more support for your journey. And that is because transformation is a process rather than an overnight shift. In order to create lasting change, in addition to the information and experiences, you need a combination of consistent individualized action steps, live feedback and the right guidance that meets you where you are and evolves with you.

Let's be very honest here. Are you waking up excited every morning looking forward to another day where nothing is out of your reach? If not, what is it costing you and your loved ones?

I spent many years of my life hopping from site to site reading blog posts, downloading action steps, signing up for master classes, going to meditation groups and purchasing tons of spiritual books, and I was still depressed, single, stuck at a dead-end job and without a purpose. Mind you, I did it for 10+ years.

I tried just about everything under the sun. It all changed when I began working with my coach, guide and mentor. As a result of my investment in myself, I began accelerating in my own transformation and I can honestly say it has been one of the most powerful experiences I've had in my life.

Today, it is my passion to help you co-create your dream. With my experience and training in recovery and wellness coaching, hypnosis, energy healing and psychology, I specialize in incorporating a variety of modalities including powerful coaching, NLP, reprogramming of the unconscious mind through trance work, visualization, intuitive insights, vibrational medicine as well as mindfulness techniques into customized coaching sessions to help you call forth inner-peace, love, joy, abundance and purpose.

Juliet is knowledgeable, intuitive and really is all about guiding you to expand your consciousness so you can shed the old self that makes limited choices for you. She holds the space so nicely and lovingly that I always feel safe to explore anything I have on mind - that trust is key to my transformation. I value the tools, knowledge and insights she has given me that are specific to my needs and I am able to work on myself between sessions. I have never felt lighter, more confident and inspired! It has truly been an empowering process.
— Kate, SF

What Coaching Can Help You Accomplish

Improve Relationships with Self and Others

  • Restore confidence and increase emotional intimacy
  • Build healthier and fulfilling relationships with self and others
  • Let go of negative ties, habits and emotions from past
  • Experience more gratitude, lightness and fulfillment

Clarify Vision and Access Confidence to Move Forward

  • Work through and liberate yourself from fears and limiting patterns that are holding you back
  • Clarify goals, identify and release blockages, and create action steps for movement
  • Master the tools for change and transformation in life

Attract and Manifest Anything In Life

  • Integrate the conscious and unconscious minds for deliberate manifestation
  • Utilize the gifts you already have to create your dream life
  • Transform your mindset on health, wealth, etc, and remove abundance blocks
  • Rewire old habits and train the mind to become a magnet for everything you desire

Awaken and Step Into Your True Powerful Self

  • Tune into your higher guidance and Source for guidance
  • Understand the role of your consciousness and how it determines everything you experience in life
  • Navigate through ego death and dark night of the soul
  • Strengthen your energy boundaries and stay centered in your vibration
  • Remember your purpose, and divine mission in this life
I struggled with a victim mentality, low self-worth, feelings of lack, and a tendency to see the negative before the positive so these were the themes that came up consistently in our sessions. We worked through these patterns by getting to the root and then agreed upon action steps that I would take after our sessions. I used to not be motivated enough to do these things on my own but after working with Juliet, I feel inspired and empowered to continue the self work on my own. I can choose to stay in the now and love myself as I do the work of soul rememberance. Go see Juliet, you will be in good hands and truly blessed.
— Dana, NY

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