With the Law of Attraction, you can not only attract wealth but also health, happiness and or your soulmate

Well, of course, this is a bold claim. But does it live up to the reality we live in today? And are there examples or success stories?

I can imagine if you want to study the law of attraction you need people who live the LOA every day and succeed with it!

Before we go into that we need a brief but good understanding of what the Law of Attraction really is and after that, I will give proof of people, including myself if it works.

So let me explain in the next Heading.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In Short; What is the Law of Attraction?

Let me begin that the Law of Attraction is a real thing. You see, everybody had some kind of experience where they thought about their grandma or friend and right after the thought, they will ring you on the phone.

Or maybe you woke up in the morning where the sunshine is coming through your window, your dog is cuddling with you in bed and your partner made a lovely breakfast.

You just feel awesome and you begin to think about the great things that are waiting for you throughout the day.

Also, people are smiling at you. Then, suddenly you will get a pay raise right out of the blue and you’ve bumped up against your old best friend which you had a great talk too.

You feel really satisfied that day and it feels like nothing can go wrong and that the day was specially tailored for you.

We call that the vortex. It’s like living into a vacuum or reality where everything that happens, only happens for you in a good way.

But how does this happens you might ask?

Although quantum mechanics could be an explanation for it. I rather inform you about people that actually live it, so there’s proof in the pudding.

how does the law of attraction really works

So, how does the law of attraction really works?

It’s a combination of 3 aspects which let you attract almost anything you want into your life. The 3 aspects are:

  • Affirmations or Beliefs
  • Visualizations
  • Feeling and emotions

This is also at the same time the technique to attract whatever you want. But, more about the law of attraction technique later.

Firstly, let’s begin with affirmations and beliefs.

Why affirmations and beliefs are the beginning of attracting anything into your life

When you think a thought it releases a form of emotion or feeling in your body. Not everybody is aware of that, but that’s the case.

Furthermore, the emotion that it produces has an impact on your emotional wellbeing. But, not only that. The emotion also communicates with the zero-point field due to the electromagnetic frequencies that you radiate from your heart.

So, when we look at a thought or more specific a belief. We begin to see that the belief is a starting point for the law of attraction, that set everything into motion.

That’s why certain thoughts need to be repeated and affirmed so that they can grow into a belief.

Now you know why affirmations and ultimately beliefs are so important.

Still, although it sets things into motion, without visualization you want to be able to generate strong positive feelings and emotions.

You need them to attract the things you’d like in your life.

That’s why you need visualization.

Why visualization is important with the law of attraction

Why visualization is important with the law of attraction

So first you got the thought that turns into a belief. For example, you had the belief: I’m not worthy. That should change in: I’m worthy.

Now, for the most part, our brain is trained to associate pictures and images with this belief. But, what if you haven’t had a lot of good experiences in your life?

Then you should create those images so you can install them in your subconscious.

In the same way, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check of 10 million dollars and put it in his wallet. Why do you ask?

Because every time he opened his wallet he saw the check and felt abundance when he looked at it.

He was now installing the picture in his mind and at the same time, he produces a feeling which is connected with the zero-point field.

In this field, there are infinite possibilities and one of them was that Jim Carrey was paid 10 million dollars for his first big movie.

And of course, years later that’s what happened. Here a video about this example of does the law of attraction really works?

That’s the power of creating a new positive belief, visualizing it, and then feel it, so it can manifest into reality.

Pretty amazing right?…

Why emotions and feelings are the most important part of manifesting

So, the last part of the process is feeling the feeling, so it can communicate with the field of infinite possibilities.

Of course, this is the most important part of the process, because it will eventually manifest what you need.

But most people forgot that you need to feel, the feeling, so the feeling gets bigger and therefore has a larger impact on the field.

Besides that, It just feels awesome feeling those feelings of abundance, love, and happiness.

my experience with the law of attraction

What is my experience with the law of attraction that it really works?

My first experience after reading about the Law of Attraction was quite profound. The little story I mentioned above was one of them.

Why was it profound? Because I was mentally in a dark place and after implementing the law of attraction techniques for the first time in 30 years I had a perfect day.

I didn’t know if I should be crying or laughing after experiencing that day. Yes, I was in a dark place 🙂

After that, I practiced a lot and more and more happiness, abundance and good experiences came into my life.

Especially when I bought manifestation magic I doubled my income overnight. You can now click here to read my review about this stunning and easy to use program.

Succesful people that say the law of attraction really works

Will Smith –

Who doesn’t now his impressive career? But not everybody knows that his success had something to do with the law of attraction and for him, it really works.

Check out his interview here:

Jim Carrey –

Who hasn’t laughed about Jim Carrey? What a talent and what a great guy. Although he transferred more to the non-dual side of spirituality. He definitely used the LOA to manifest a lot of abundances.

Check out his video here:

Oprah Winfrey –

Who doesn’t know this immensely successful black woman? She came from a poor background where there was a lot of violent discrimination.

Even, still, she managed to become incredibly successful and loved at the same time. Quite an inspiring woman.

Check out here what she had to say about the law of attraction

Lady Gaga –

Who doesn’t know this eccentric and sexy woman? She’s got a lot of #1 pop songs in the music lists. But also, she has a lot to thank for the law of attraction. She explains this in the next video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger –

I still hear him saying: I’ll be back! Yes, the terminator was one of my favorite movies in the ’90s. Later in his career, he even managed to be the governor of California.

Besides the talents that he gots to do all of this. He’s especially thankful for the law of attraction that really worked for him. In this video, he explains why:

So, clearly, there’s a lot of proof that people are using the law of attraction with big success.

So the question isn’t; does the law of attraction really work? But when are you going to start?

But if you don’t want to do all the work, you can install an easy to follow app with orbiting audio tracks that will manifest your needs into your life.

You can now read my review from my own experience here and manifest your desires from today on.

I hope this is for you proof that the law of attraction really works, so you can start as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Thanks for listening.

With love,