Better READ THIS if you’ve been thinking of purchasing Manifestation Magic but can’t decide if this program is right for you…

My Experience With Manifestation Magic - Is It Really Worth To Try… Or A Complete SCAM?

“From dozen of self-help and law of attraction programs, Manifestation Magic is one of the most well-known among people who’re interested in self-help, NLP, and Law of Attraction. It has been praised by hundreds of satisfied customers… But is it really worth it?

I’ll share with you my experience with Manifestation Magic, so you can easily decide if it’s right for you, or you should completely ignore it.”

From the desk of Jewel
Boulder, Colorado 
August 15th, 2019 

Dear friend,

If you wanted to improve your quality of life, whether it’s by increasing your income, clearing your mind from negative thoughts, living with someone who always be in your dreams, or anything else… Manifestation Magic could be the right solution for you.

Here’s why:

Since the release of The Secret, we’ve seen so many people that achieve complete life-transformation by practicing the law of attraction. And since then, hundreds (if not thousands) of similar self-help programs flooded the market.

I’m a student of this ‘ancient knowledge’ myself, and I’ve tried every single program I could get on my hands… And I can say that there are many great programs out there. Most of them worked as promised by their authors. However,

There’s One Thing That Sets
Manifestation Magic Apart…

It helps you set patterns in subconscious mind on the deepest level that no other programs could achieve.

Here’s what that means:

You see, when practicing the law of attraction, you must clear your minds from any negative thoughts. You have to completely believe that the universe will do its job to bring you anything you want to manifest.

If there’s even a small thought on your mind that says it won’t happen… it won’t work. No matter how hard you try.

Manifestation Magic equipped with NLP technology that helps you fix inconsistencies like this from inside your mind… so you can clear your minds from any negative thoughts that will sabotage your effort.

That way, your mind will be programmed to accept any positive affirmations, as well as clearing any obstacles that may be blocking yourself from manifesting miracles in your life.

This is something you couldn’t achieve just by reading books or watching a DVD.

Frankly, this is the number one reason that made me click the buy button and entering my credit card information. And I’m very grateful I did that because this feature alone is a game-changer.

You see, previously I was struggling to clear those negative thoughts from my mind. But since I get started with Manifestation Magic, I’ve never even noticed it exists whenever I do the affirmations. It just works as promised on its website.

I know, that reason alone won’t be enough to decide whether it’s worth a try. And don’t worry, there are so many things to love about Manifestation Magic – and some you’ll hate.

So let’s dig deeper into and find out more about this program!

Overview - What To Expect From Manifestation Magic…

Manifestation Magic is a package full of lots of amazing stuff that range from the user guide to audio app. When I received the program, I was amazed by so many things included.

I knew the author invested a lot of time and energy to provide all of this mega-valuable stuff. And that alone can make me feel assured knowing it’s really worth for every penny I spent.

Anyway, if you think you’d feel overwhelmed with a lot of stuff comes with your purchase, that’s not the case here. The user guide will help you a lot to get the most from Manifestation Magic, and you’ll find every single thing included in the package is necessary to help you the best results.

Let’s take the audio app as an example.

Other programs that come with bonus audio files usually only included it as a bonus. That means whether you end up using the bonus or not, it doesn’t relate to the main program. With Manifestation Magic, you’ll use it since day one. Yes, the audio app is included because it’s important to help you get the best results possible.

So yeah, not a single item will become useless and completely forgotten. You’ll often use them, and you’d be glad the author included it in the package.

What’s more?

This Program Is Created For Anyone

That means whether you’ve learned the law of attraction or not, I’m sure you can get the best results with this program.

But there’s a catch.

On the website, you might’ve read that it makes manifesting sound super-easy. Well, you have to set your expectation lower especially if you’ve never trained your subconscious mind to do the affirmations before.

The program itself requires you to read the books and listen to the audio regularly. Sure, it isn’t a heavy task, but still… the manifestation of anything you’ve ever dreamed won’t happen right away. You have to follow the steps, and be patient. If you can do it, you’re walking on the steps towards your own abundance.

Now, let’s talk about…

How Long You Could Master All The Materials.

This is where Manifestation Magic seems very unique compared to the other programs you can find on the market.

Most programs could be finished in one sitting. While Manifestation Magic is designed for long-term usage, which means everything you get from Manifestation Magic will become a part of your daily life.

For example, the Chakra Power system, which is the bonus that I think has more value than the cost of Manifestation Magic itself. This program is designed for not just one or two weeks, but it is designed for seven weeks. Yes, that would be a really long time.

But trust me, this is really worth it because at the end of the seventh week, you’ll be able to completely open your chakra system, and able to magnetically attract your greatest desires to you. You’ll never regret investing a lot of your time for this program.

And for the audio tracks, you’ll be using them for your life. Yes, you’ll want to listen to these audio tracks every night – even when you don’t have a desire to manifest miracles. Listening to these audio tracks will help you feel relaxing and easily fall asleep.

Now, this is probably the best part of owning Manifestation Magic…

No Meditation And Manual
Affirmation Required.

The audio tracks included in this program will simply do all the work for you.

It helps you raise your vibration so you can become more conscious of your thoughts, and helps make everything you think, say, and feel become reality. This is the basic principle of the law of attraction, which is also the hardest part of manifesting our desires into reality.

But don’t worry… With Manifestation Magic, raising your vibration will be done as simple as listening to the tracks before you sleep, and wake up with a powerful gravitational force that attracts anything you desires.

Not just that. As you listening to it, the track will also help you clearing away your negative thoughts that’s been holding you back from achieving your greatest desires.

For example, if you have a desire to become a more successful entrepreneur but your mind keeps saying “I can’t do it”… The “Daytime Wealth Activator” audio track can help you attract wealth and make you become a magnet to money.  All you need to do is simply listen to the track while you taking a nap, do some housework, or even while you’re playing a game.

And in case you still want to get the benefits of meditation, but you can’t make yourself focus because of too many overwhelming thought happen in your mind… there’s even an audio track that helps you get all the benefits of an hour of meditation in just 10 minutes.

At first, I also think that doesn’t make sense. But after I learned that the audio tracks helped you go into the theta state faster than what you can do on your own, I completely changed my mind.

At this point, we could see that the audio tracks are the biggest advantage of this program. But believe it or not, it could also be the thing that makes you hate this program and ask for a refund after one day of trying.

Why? Here’s why…

I found that the audio tracks not suitable for everyone. If you don’t enjoy listening to it for 10-60 minutes, you’ll get nothing from this program because this program mainly consists of audio tracks.

To find out whether you’ll enjoy the audio tracks or not, just give this program a try. Don’t worry. The author gives you a money-back guarantee so you can ask for a refund easily if you find this is not for you. We’ll go into that later. For now, let’s talk about everything you’ll get from Manifestation Magic.

What You’ll Get Inside The Program

Previously, I mentioned that the author provided me with a lot of valuable stuff, which has made feel it worth every penny I spent. To prove this, just take a look at these amazing stuff included inside the Manifestation Magic program.

Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)

This book will show you how to use the program, and how to get the best of it. You see, Manifestation Magic comes with so many things included – This quick start guide will save you from feeling overwhelmed. It takes about 15 minutes to finish reading the guide. However, I highly recommend spending 30 minutes more to completely understand the program… especially if this is the first time you’re practicing the Law of Attraction.

What I really appreciate is that it comes in several formats; PDF, Kindle, iBook. That said, you can read it in almost every devices you own. I personally love the iBook version, which allows to me read it on my MacBook and whenever I want to reaccess some of the parts of this book, I could easily open it on my iPhone. This really awesome and absolutely better than owning a physical book. 

Daytime Wealth Activator

If you want to free yourself from debt and achieve financial freedom, this audio track will reprogram your mind to attract wealth and abundance into your life. Once you’ve listened to this track for the first time, your mind will start to be more open to the infinite supply of wealth and abundance. And in a short time, you’ll see by yourself how money flows to you easily.

There’s no magic here. It simply reprogram your mind to see money as a good thing in life, and prosperity is something you deserve.

Right now, you may still see money as a problem. You always feel worried about the money, instead of feeling grateful and richly rewarded when you received your salary. That’s what keeps holding you back from creating wealth.

With this audio track, you can wipe out that negativity from the deepest level, and see by yourself how amazing it is when your mind finally open to the abundant prosperity.

I’m not a super-rich person, of course. But once I started to this track regularly whenever I have 15 minutes to take a nap… I finally stop obsessing over money and yet, I found that money comes to me easier than before. 

Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track

Once you’ve finished with the quick-start guide, the first track you should start to listen is Twilight Transformation.

This is the highlight of the system, which I found really awesome. You just click play before you go to bed, and the brainwave technology embedded inside this audio will guide you into a “Theta State”.

In Theta State, all the stress and anxiety will be wiped out from your mind… which makes you feel completely refreshed when you wake up in the morning. And more importantly, in the Theta State, you can create everything and change reality instantly. This is when your mind connects with the whole universe to manifest everything you’ve ever desired into your life.

Normally, it requires years of practicing to be able to take your mind into the Theta State. But with Twilight Transformation audio track, it happens instantly. Just click play, and your mind will automatically go into the Theta State. 

The “Push Play” Audio App

If you’re like me, you don’t carry your laptop anywhere you go… and yet, it’s really time-consuming to move a lot of audio tracks to your phone. This is when the Audio App comes in handy.

This app works as a companion app for the Manifestation Magic program. Simply install it on your phone, and you can access all the audio tracks without having to import it manually. So whenever you go, Manifestation Magic and all of its bonuses are always with you.

I personally loved this app, because it allows me to listen to the audio tracks while I was on the train to work… or during my morning walk ritual in the weekend. 

Bonus 1 - The Chakra Power System

This is the bonus program that I mentioned worth more than the cost of the Manifestation Program. I don’t know what the author thinks when he decided to include this program for FREE as a bonus. He could actually sell this program on its own for a couple hundreds dollars, and as a customer, I’d be happy to purchase it as an upsell product. Maybe he included this to make the offer hard to resist? I don’t know.

Anyway, this program contains seven 10-minute audio tracks that help us activate our chakra system to radiate positive wealth energy to the world. Thus, will allow you to turn up the dial on your “gravitational field,” pulling your greatest desires to your doorstep.

Again, there’s really no magic. There’s a logical explanation of how this program works.

Just like your physical body that accumulate dirt throughout the day, the seven chakras inside your body also accumulate toxic energy that comes from anxiety, depression, disbelief, and many more.

This program cleanses all the negative energies from all the seven chakras, helping you clearing all the obstacle that keeps holding you back from achieving your greatest desires.

That’s why many spiritual coaches said that the best way to change your life should start by balancing and unblocking your chakras. However, this requires hard work and a lot of efforts.

But with The Chakra Power System, you could achieve it with almost no effort aside from listening to the audio track once a week. See? That’s the reason why I keep telling you it’s worth more than the actual price of Manifestation Magic.


Bonus 2 - The Manifestation Magic
360 Transformation System

The program includes 7 more Energy Orbiting audio tracks designed to helps you awaken your hidden powers. The ability to alter and change the reality that starts as a single thought within your mind.

Yes, every single person, including you possess that ability to change your reality, rest locked up in your mind. Again, if you do the research, you’ll find it requires years of practice – usually by meditating and practicing ancient yoga.

But with this program on your hands, you can awaken your hidden powers by simply listening to the audio tracks.

At the time I write this review, I only have tried the first track, which is called “The Whispering Waves”. This track has helped me found some business opportunities that I never think about before.

Aside from this track, there are two audio tracks that I’d love to try soon. They are:

  • The majestic “Divine Tranquility”. This track designed to help you connect to your inner soul to discover the “soul mission” you were placed on Earth to accomplish. Sounds interesting, right?
  • The eye-opening “Wealth Awakening”. This track helps you awaken your creative ability to solve any financial challenges you face in your life. If you want to pay your debt in the fastest time possible, this is the audio track you should start to listen ASAP.

That was a lot of stuff, right?

Sure, there are many programs that include almost the same value as this one. But remember, most of them weren’t designed for long-term use. Whereas with Manifestation Magic, everything you’ll get from will still be useful even after 20 years from now. This is designed to be a long-time investment for people who’re interested to improve their quality of life.

However, as I mentioned earlier, this program is 99% audio tracks. So if you find yourself don’t really enjoy listening to the tracks, I’m not sure if this is right for you.

But relax…

You’ll Have The Chance To Give It
A Try Without Risking A Penny.

The author offers you “24-hours result” Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Order this program today, and start to read the easy 15-minute Quick-Start Manifestation Guide to get clear on what you want. After that, simply listen to the Twilight Transformation track before you’re going to sleep.

If within the next 24 hours you still haven’t noticed a flashing, unmistakable “Neon” sign from the Universe that your financial manifestation is on the way… just let him know and ask for a refund.

And if you want to have more time to give this program a try, you can do that too. There’s a 60-day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee that protects you.

Conclusion - Should You
Give This Program A Try?

Before we continue with the conclusion, let’s sum up everything you’ll get from this program:

• Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)
• 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks 
• The “Push Play” Audio App 
• Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System 
• Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System 

Even better, you’ll also get two surprise bonuses from the author which I purposely don’t cover here so I won’t ruin your experience. (Hint: One of them include Sacred knowledge that could help you attract prosperity in a way you never thought possible)

So is this program worth a try?

You bet, it is.

Just ask yourself this question: What if this program helps you get just one thing you’ve always wanted for a long time. Just ONE. How much that thing would be worth to you?

A thousand dollar? Ten thousand? More?

Now, with Manifestation Magic, you’ll get the chance to manifest that thing into your reality. And you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get started with this program.

It costs less than $300. But if you act today…

You Can Get It For A Fraction
Of Its Regular Price.

I have one final thought to share with you.

There are a lot of fake programs on the Internet. And I have seen so many people reporting they’ve been scammed because they purchased from fake sellers.

If that happens to you when you want to purchase Manifestation Magic, the author won’t be able to give you a refund since you’re not purchasing the product from him.

So please be careful. Make sure you buy Manifestation Magic from the official site.

You can get it from the link below to be 100% safe: